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New Release: Mr. Probz ‘Till You’re Loved’ Gets Galactic

Till You're Loved Mr. Probz EDMInStereo.com

The month of love may be over, but love never really goes out of style. Mr. Probz‘ newest music video delves right in to the biggest romantic feat of all: finding your soulmate. The video for “Till You’re Loved” starts off simply enough, with a man going to a club. There, he sees couples all together, while he remains alone. ...

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New Release: Ghastly’s ‘Spiders Symphony’ is Totally Creepy in a Good Way

Ghastly The Spiders Symphony EDMInStereo.com

There’s a reason Ghastly is called Ghastly. He excels at digging into the dark, creepy and chilling. His newest single “The Spiders Symphony” is right in that same vein. Using plenty of organ and synth sounds throughout the song, “The Spiders Symphony” really does manage to feel like an actual symphony. It’s intense, spooky and totally puts listeners on edge. Don’t ...

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New Release: Blasterjaxx Tease EP with Piano Beauty ‘Collide’

Blasterjaxx Collide EDMInStereo.com

Gone are the days of full-length records, but EPs are still going strong. Blasterjaxx just released their first track from their newest EP, and it’s making the hype even more intense. Blasterjaxx is made up of duo Thom Jongkind and Idir Makhlaf. So far, they’ve released three EPs. The format is clearly working for them, so why not keep it ...

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Martin Garrix Releases Touching Behind-the-Scenes of ‘Scared To Be Lonely’

Martin Garrix Scared To Be Lonely EDMInStereo.com

Making music videos is hard work. But Martin Garrix‘s “Scared To Be Lonely” video is a real heart-wrencher. So what did it take to make that vision a reality? A new behind-the-scenes video shows all the work that went into Garrix’s newest song. There are some funny moments, such as when Garrix shoves a door open with an enthusiastic, “Hi!” ...

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New Release: Marshmello Remixes Noah Cyrus’ “Make Me Cry”

Noah Cyrus Marshmello Make Me Cry

Noah Cyrus is new to the game, but she’s getting a musical boost thanks to Marshmello. Her debut single just got a killer new remix courtesy of the bucket-headed producer. Noah Cyrus, younger sister of Miley Cyrus, is only 17 years old, but she began her career at the age of three. She started out acting on the show Doc and naturally appeared ...

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Playlist: ElectroNOW Ft. DubVision is the Ultimate Kick Start

Playlist electroNOW Dubvision EDMInStereo.com

It’s the day after Valentine’s Day. Either you’re recovering from a night of chocolate and wine, or you’re recovering from a solo Netflix and pizza marathon. Or perhaps you’re one of those oddballs who treats Valentine’s Day like every other day. But, hey, everybody likes an excuse to party with a new playlist, right? So whatever kind of evening you’re ...

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New Release: Crywolf’s ‘Weight’ is an Acoustic Heart-Wrencher

Crywolf Weight EDMInStereo.com

Are more and more of our favorite EDM artists getting soft on us? Well, we can’t say we mind too much. Just after Kaskade got in touch with his sensitive side, Crywolf launched a brand new song that also gets emotional. Crywolf, whose real name is Justin Taylor Phillips, got his start as an EDM artist. But his new song ...

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Kaskade Drops Surprising New Ballad ‘Let It Out’

Suddenly, out of the blue, Kaskade surprised us all with a new track. And it’s not just any track, either. This one is totally different for the artist. The DJ is normally known for releasing songs that have more of a progressive house feel. However, this time, he went a new direction. The song is titled “Let It Out,” and boy, ...

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New Release: Martin Garrix Drops ‘Scared To Be Lonely’

Martin Garrix Scared To Be Lonely EDMInStereo.com

Artists have a way of teasing us with new releases and then making us wait. Finally, waiting for a radio edit of Martin Garrix‘s new single “Scared To Be Lonely” is about to pay off. Martin Garrix first performed “Scared To Be Lonely” at one of his recent shows. Featuring the smoky vocals of Dua Lipa and some string elements, the ...

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New Release: Savoy’s ‘Living Color’ is a Tribute to Disco

Savoy Living Color EDMInStereo.com

T[/drocap]here’s a reason that about 40 years after the rise of disco, everyone still recognizes the trademark finger-pointing dance moves. Disco will always be a classic. It’s the mark of the 1970s, and Savoy‘s new song “Living Color” takes us straight back to decade of glitz and glam. The trio teamed up with Fatherdude to create “Living Color.” It ends up having ...

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