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Calvin Harris Reveals Injuries: They’re Worse Than Reps Said!

EDM star Calvin Harris has been keeping a low profile since getting in a horrible car accident on May 20, 2016. His reps stated that the accident left him with just a couple scratches on his face, but new photos reveal that there’s more to the story.

Harris was spotted going into LAX, and it appears his right ear is also damaged. Check out the photo comparison:

Calvin Harris EDMInStereo.com

Harris’ right ear is looking noticeably worse for wear.

Besides the bruised ear, Harris looks like he’s healed up pretty nicely.

He has been pretty silent about his injuries, but the producer posted a couple tweets to express his gratitude at coming out of the situation mostly unscathed.

Harris was forced to cancel two shows the weekend of the accident and canceled an additional pair of appearances scheduled for Las Vegas later on thanks to his injuries.

Members of his team posted on Facebook last week that he was still recovering from his injuries, and that he asked them to pass on his apologies to fans who were planning to attend.

Read more to see photos of the accident:

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