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Calvin Harris Has EDM Secrets…And He’ll Reveal Them in 20 Years

How much is there going on in the EDM world that we don’t no about? With the way Calvin Harris talks, it seems like a lot is under wraps.

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Calvin Harris hasn’t been telling us the full truth…

In a recent interview with Beats 1 Radio, the famous producer spoke about making an EDM documentary–but it won’t be happening any time soon. In fact, Harris wants to wait a full 20 years before giving it a go.

“It’ll be like a real documentary in about 20 years when everyone is done,” Harris said, referring to his fellow DJs. He also kind of hinted that the golden age of EDM had already passed.

“Really talk about EDM between the years of 2011 and 2014. I believe I had the last EDM song that was successful, and it was ‘Summer.’ That was the last song that sounded like EDM that got in the charts. That’s the last EDM riff that was successful. Those are the years,” Harris said.


If he thinks the age of EDM has already passed, then why bother waiting to talk about it? This is where Harris’ comments got really interesting.

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