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California Club BANS Laptops For DJs: ‘Don’t Come To Work With Training Wheels’

At one California club, things are about to get old school. Kenny Summit, owner of Cure and the Cause in the Los Angeles area, has declared that no laptops will be allowed in the DJ booth.

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No more laptops for this joint.

In a statement posted on Facebook, Summit wrote, “No more laptops in the DJ booth. Unless you’re using it to control VINYL to do a turntablist type of set, a’la Jazzy Jeff type sh*t, or if you’re doing a LIVE thing where you’re actually programing shit on the fly.”

He continued, “Keep your controller in your crib, don’t come to work with training wheels. LEARN THE TOOLS OF THE TRADE already.”

The statement garnered a lot of positive response on the Facebook post, but on the page for Cure and the Cause, people weren’t so generous.

DJs Laptop EDMInStereo.com DJs Laptop EDMInStereo.com DJs Laptop EDMInStereo.com

In response to the social media upheaval, Summit followed up by doing an interview with Magnetic Mag. The club owner clarified that many of the new DJs that open for their headliners don’t know how to connect to the Pioneer system employed by the club, which creates problems.

“Now I know young DJs have to cut their teeth, and that’s why we give the promoters the opportunity to bring in their own DJs to open, but it’s gotten to the point where it’s like an epidemic with these DJs who haven’t bothered to go the full distance and learn how to set their sh*t up without interrupting the flow of the night,” he said. “Midnight is not the ideal time to turn the mixer off, pull it out and start guessing which port to plug your Traktor into.”

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