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Beatport Listens! Users Requested New EDM Subgenres & Beatport Delivered

To the casual observer, the amount of EDM genres in existence is never-ending. From progressive to psychedelic trance to deep house to dubstep, the list is always expanding. When you’re looking for a very specific type of sound, categorization is essential, so it’s coming as a huge relief to know that Beatport is expanding on their categories.

Beatport Genre EDMInStereo.com

More categories = more fun.

Beatport, an online music store that’s geared at electronic music and DJs in particular, sells full songs and even mixing resources that can be used in users’ own tracks. It’s future was uncertain when parent company SFX Entertainment filed for bankruptcy in February of 2016.

Beatport was going to be put up for auction, but instead, they decided to close down the content creation portion of the site and focus on music sales.

In an attempt to make a solid comeback, the executives behind the platform are looking for better ways to categorize their music and make things more accessible for users. Starting today, they’ll be adding the new dance, big room and future house genres to their roster. According to Thump, over 500,000 songs are going to get new classifications thanks to the additions.

Beatport Genre EDMInStereo.com

A screengrab of what the current site looks like with the new categories.

A representative for the company said the change was in response to user requests. “It’s been [Beatport’s] number one feature request for many years, and we are not delivering on our promise,” the rep said.

Senior Vice President Terry Weerasinghe added to that sentiment, discussing the difference between EDM and underground music. “Beatport serves DJs from both of these worlds…But it’s rare that a DJ wants to play both types of music,” he said. “From now on each genre will only address one of these worlds.”

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He added that he hoped the better classification system would allow smaller labels to rank higher within their own genres. All in all, it sounds like a winning opportunity for the site to become even more useful for musicians and fans alike.

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