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Bassnectar Issues Apology For Stealing Live Show Visuals

EDM producer Bassnectar, whose real name is Lorin Ashton, got in some hot water recently when he was accused of stealing visuals for his live performances.

The artist whose work was stolen, Max Hattler, found out about Bassnectar using his works and made a public comment about it. Hattler is a Hong Kong based artist who uses visual media to create works of art with unique patterns and sequencing.

Max Hattler Sync Bassnectar EDMInStereo.com

A still of Max Hattler’s “Sync,” which was used in Bassnectar’s live shows.

Hattler stated that his creation “Sync” had been used in the visuals of “Frog Song” at live shows between 2013 and 2015. Evidently, Bassnectar had approached Hattler to commission a project back in 2013, but Hattler was unavailable at the time and no agreement was ever reached.

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