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Avicii Teases MORE Clips from Experimental New Album

Darn it, Avicii! Can you please stop tormenting us with new music previews? Just kidding–please don’t stop.

Last week, Avicii previewed some of the new tunes he’s working on. The Instagram story showed him listening to some casual beats while making notes. Now, he’s put another clip out into the world, and this one is much more experimental.

Take a listen Avicii’s newest¬†tease here:

Remember how Avicii vowed to release his best album yet in 2017? Well, that album is already in the works. The semi-retired producer shared some clips to his Instagram story and we’re liking what we hear.

The clips show Avicii himself listening to some playback and making notes.

Take a look:

If he’s making some new grooves, we’re guessing that much-anticipated new album is in process.

Read more to see why Avicii thinks it will be the best one yet:

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