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Alesso’s ‘Falling’ is Crazy Hot & Artificially Intelligent

Artificial intelligence is a fun idea to play with, but Alesso‘s new video takes a unique spin on it. In “Falling,” he explores what it would be like if two robots fell in love.

To make the video, the producer recruited director Henrik Hanson. Hanson has worked on projects for Swedish House Mafia previously.

“I wanted to make a video about something impossible, like two AI robots falling in love,” Hanson said. “Alesso discovers that something is amiss, so he creates a partner. The AI couple fall in love through their dance.”

“Falling” shows the former Swedish House Mafia member watching a female dancer (and AI) performing an intricate, sensual dance. However, when he realizes that her dance is incomplete, he hits his computer and starts designing a partner for her.

Once the partner is created, the two AI robots meet, sharing shy first touches. Before long, they are dancing provocatively together and proving that it takes two to tango.

Watch Alesso’s “Falling” here:


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