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Afrojack Sued for $25M over Messy Split with Girlfriend

Breakups are never pretty, but Afrojack‘s split with Lauren Meditz is getting really ugly. Yesterday, she hit him with a $25 million law suit.

The couple split in May of 2016, when Meditz reportedly went to see the DJ perform in Vegas. Supposedly, she hung out with his friends instead of staying backstage with him. This angered Afrojack enough that he had her escorted off the property by security.

Afrojack Sued EDMInStereo.com

Afrojack split with Lauren Meditz in May.

Now, Meditz is claiming Afrojack, whose real name is Nick van de Wall, owes her $25 million, their dog Dory and a Range Rover Afrojack had given her as a gift.

Her lawsuit says he consistently harassed her, including one time when she was Maid of Honor at a friend’s wedding. That time, he was “contacting her incessantly to the point where Meditz neglected her friends and the wedding festivities in order to attend to van de Wall’s temper tantrum.”

In another instance, he threatened to commit suicide by crashing his car into a wall if she didn’t answer his calls. Finally, Meditz also says he tried to get her to commit fraud and “attempted to have Meditz become a permanent resident of Holland by creating a fake business for her.”

The couple apparently had an agreement that any assets they acquired during their relationship would be split up between them after separation. Afrojack isn’t honoring that agreement.

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