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A 2nd Daft Punk Tour Clue Surfaces – What Does It Mean?

After some cryptic clues about a potential 2017 tour, another hint about what the future holds for Daft Punk has surfaced.

A new YouTube video featuring audio from Daft Punk’s Alive 2007 tour showed up online. In addition to the tunes, it also shows a clip of the pyramid stage. However, the real interesting part is the description of the video.

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What the what?

The description shows a whole slew of numbers, and thanks to a Reddit user, the meaning has been decoded. It apparently features a bunch of coordinates which match up to big cities worldwide.

Skeptics who are trying not to get their hopes up about a tour are pointing out that the video could have been uploaded by just about anyone. Also, they are using the same pyramid from 2007, and people are wondering why they aren’t showcasing something new.


Until more clues are released, it’s probably best to remain cautiously optimistic.

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