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ZHU’s ‘Nightcrawler’ Fires Shots at EDM Heavyweights

ZHU Nightcrawler EDMInStereo.com

If you’re going to make a splash with a new song, you might as well target some big shots while you’re at it, right? That must have been ZHU‘s philosophy because his new song “Nightcrawler” doesn’t hold back. Along with being his first single of 2017, “Nightcrawler” got an insane video to go with it. The video, filmed like a ...

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Did Diplo Just Confirm that Jack Ü Is OVER?

Jack U EDMInStereo.com

UPDATE: Jack Ü has been awfully silent these days. A while back, Skrillex tweeted some news that made it sound like the jig was up. Now, a new interview with Diplo seems to confirm that. Diplo participated in a Q&A, and naturally the interviewer asked about his Skrillex collaboration. In particular, they queried, “Will we see any more of Jack Ü?” ...

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New Release: Crywolf’s EP ‘Skeletons’ Is an Emotional Journey

Skeletons Crywolf EDMInStereo.com

About a month ago, Crywolf released a new song called “Weight.” It was an immensely emotional anthem that revealed a lot about the inner workings of his heart. Turns out, it was pretty good preparation for what was to come on his new EP. Crywolf released Skeletons a couple days ago, and it delves into the deepest depths and highest highs. There ...

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Deadmau5 Legally Dukes It Out over His Cat Meowingtons’ Name

deadmau5 Meowingtons EDMInStereo.com

If there’s one thing to know about deadmau5, it’s that he loves his cats. He’s got two of them, but the one that shows up most often on social media is Professor Meowingtons pHd–but simply “Meowingtons” for short. Though it’s a quirky name, deadmau5 (whose real name is Joel Zimmerman) wasn’t the only one to use it. A fan named ...

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The Chainsmokers Reveal Track List for ‘Memories: Do Not Open’

The Chainsmokers New Album Track List EDMInStereo.com

UPDATE: The official track list is here! The Chainsmokers finally caved to their fans’ demands for an album. Now they’ve leaked some more info on what’s to come. The album will be called Memories: Do Not Open, and so far the duo has released two tracks from it. However, now we know the rest of the list! Here are the track ...

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Martin Garrix Denied Entry to Club for Dress Code Violation

Martin Garrix EDMInStereo.com

You’d think being one of the most famous DJs in the world would excuse you from following dress codes. Nope! Even Martin Garrix falls victim to getting the boot at the door of a club. Martin Garrix was in Scotland filming his video for “Scared to Be Lonely.” In some downtime, he and the rest of the folks on his ...

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Calvin Harris FINALLY Lifts Ban on Rita Ora – But They Still Aren’t Friends

Rita Ora Calvin Harris EDMInStereo.com

Isn’t there an unspoken rule about not mixing business and pleasure? Especially when it comes to your significant other? Calvin Harris and Rita Ora broke that rule when they dated and made tons of music together. However, when the breakup rolled around, that made things get extra messy. Harris and Ora ended their relationship back in 2014 after dating for ...

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Skrillex Co-Produced ENTIRE New Incubus Album

Skrillex Incubus EDMInStereo.com

With great alternative rock music comes, well, a lot of Skrillex! It may not be his M.O. anymore, but Skrillex’s roots in emo music are coming to the surface once again. Not only has he officially rejoined From First To Last, he’s also been working with Incubus as well. We already knew they were collaborating on a new song, but it ...

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Ultra Music Festival Begins Set-Up in Miami – Only 2 Months to Go!

Ultra Music Festival EDMInStereo.com

This week has been such a tease. Festival season is just on the horizon. There are loads of events gearing up in Las Vegas. Now one of the biggest festivals in the United States–Ultra Music Festival–is already getting set up! Ultra takes place in Miami at Bayfront Park each year. Though it’s still two months away, it’s not too early ...

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Playlist: Celebrate International Women’s Day with ‘Women of Electronic’

NERVO Women of Electronic EDMInStereo.com

It’s International Women’s Day, which means we’re celebrating all of the awesome women involved in the EDM scene. Truth be told, there aren’t as many female DJs as we’d like to see. But at least a few places have been calling attention to that fact and trying to get more female performers at festivals. Unfortunately, for the most part, it’s ...

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