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EDM Series ‘Lost Generation’ Debuts Online – Watch HERE

Lost Generation EDMInStereo.com

When New Form Digital started talking about their new show Lost Generation, it sounded awfully familiar. It turns out the new EDM TV show is actually something we’ve talked about before, back when it was being called Pulse. Though the program has been renamed, it ultimately is the same show, and it’s now available online. Lost Generation will stream through go90.com, but the first episode ...

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New Release: Snoop Dogg’s ‘Blow’ Is Way More Fun Than You’d Expect

Blow Snoop Dogg EDMInStereo.com

Leave it to Snoop Dogg to make the transition into the EDM world in the most Snoop-Dogg way possible. In his newest video for the song “Blow,” which, coincidentally, features plenty of marijuana, Snoop proves he is capable of making some dance hall hits. “Blow” features Snoop Dogg teaming up with Jacky Greco, Arlissa and Jakk City. The Armada Records ...

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A 2nd Daft Punk Tour Clue Surfaces – What Does It Mean?

Daft Punk EDMInStereo.com

After some cryptic clues about a potential 2017 tour, another hint about what the future holds for Daft Punk has surfaced. A new YouTube video featuring audio from Daft Punk’s Alive 2007 tour showed up online. In addition to the tunes, it also shows a clip of the pyramid stage. However, the real interesting part is the description of the ...

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Martin Garrix Calls Out SoundCloud for Removing His Music

Martin Garrix SoundCloud EDMInStereo.com

In yet another mess up, SoundCloud has removed Martin Garrix‘s music from his page. The site is quickly developing a reputation for screwing up their copyright removals. Somehow, they keep taking down music from people who post legitimately. Luckily, Martin Garrix called them out on it on Twitter. yo @soundcloud can you guys for once stop fucking up.. pic.twitter.com/YvAwIAxJL3 — ...

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Porter Robinson Mini-Album Revealed to Be Japanese Exclusive

Porter Robinson EDMInStereo.com

With the internet slowly but surely taking over the world, it’s hard to keep anything a secret. Porter Robinson and Madeon made a mini album that was meant to remain hidden, but the secrecy didn’t last. Porter Robinson had just unveiled that the Shelter Live Tour would be hitting up Tokyo. After that, a mystery album popped up at a ...

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Kasbo Dishes on Life of EDM Industry in Sweden

Kasbo EDM EDMInStereo.com

When thinking about EDM, it’s hard not to think of European countries like Sweden. With so many great DJs hailing from that neck of the planet (like Avicii and the fellas of Swedish House Mafia, to name a few), Scandinavia is practically the mothership of music. But for artists like Kasbo, that’s not necessarily the case. The Swedish DJ and ...

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Halsey Posts Pic from Hospital Bed after Endometriosis Surgery

Halsey Endometriosis EDMInStereo.com

Dealing with medical issues can be one of the most frustrating and tragic experiences, but Halsey is attempting to use her situation to make sure others are comforted. The singer from the Chainsmokers’ hit “Closer” recently underwent surgery to treat endometriosis. A year ago, Halsey opened up about her struggle with her diagnosis. Endometriosis is a disease that causes inflammation ...

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Watch: Major Lazer Releases Video for ‘Believer,’ Inspired by Tragic Photo of Syrian Boy

Major Lazer Believer EDMInStereo.com

The upsetting image of a five-year-old boy coated in ash, caked in blood and utterly haunted-looking took over the internet in a matter of hours. Pulled from Aleppo during a rescue mission, Omran Daqneesh quickly became a symbol of the heartache happening in the Middle East. For Diplo and the rest of Major Lazer, this photo fueled them to create ...

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‘What Would Diplo Do?’ Starring James Van Der Beek Greenlit for 6 Episodes

What Would Diplo Do James Van Der Beek EDMInStereo.com

In times of trouble, you may catch yourself asking, “What would Diplo do?” He’s one of the most successful DJs around, he makes killer music–he must be doing something worth copying. Apparently cable network Viceland thinks so, too. A show called “What Would Diplo Do?” has just been greenlit with a six-episode order, making it the first scripted series for ...

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Avicii Vows to Release Best Album Yet in 2017

Avicii Best Damn Album EDMInStereo.com

For some reason, it seemed like the end of the world when Avicii announced his retirement from touring. Yes, it’s absolutely awful that he’s not touring anymore–but that doesn’t mean he won’t be making music! In fact, in 2017, the Swedish producer has plans to make his “best damn album” yet. Change is in the air for Avicii (a.k.a. Tim ...

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