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Armin van Buuren Celebrates 20th Anniversary with Something HUGE

Armin van Buuren 20th Anniversary EDMInStereo.com

Twenty years is a long time to be successful in the music industry, but hey, someone’s gotta do it. Armin van Buuren is celebrating his 20th anniversary rocking the electronic scene by doing a U.S. tour and a very special “The Best of Armin Only” show. The show is scheduled for May 13, 2017, and it’s bound to be his ...

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Deadmau5’s ‘Tour Stops’ Were a Total Joke That No One Got

Deadmau5 Joel Zimmerman EDMInStereo.com

In case anybody missed it, a rather big event took place yesterday–the Presidential Election. All day long, people were posting about who they were voting for, encouraging others to vote and overall showing some good ‘ol USA spirit. Which is why it’s shocking that nobody seemed to pick up on deadmau5‘s latest joke. After the election results were revealed last ...

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Why We Can’t Wait for Dillon Francis’ New Album

Dillon Francis EDMInStereo.com New Album

We never know what to expect from Dillon Francis, but is it possible that he could be working on something (gasp!) normal? Like an album? It’s looking that way, though a new album coming from the funny fellow is sure to be anything but normal. However, given his hilarious music videos and YouTube channel, nothing would really surprise us at ...

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Watch: Borgore Launches Surprisingly Beautiful Track ‘Best’

Borgore Best EDMInStereo.com

In a surprisingly emotion-filled twist from Borgore, the producer released a new single this week that strays away from his usual sound. Borgore normally sticks with dubstep, but his newest song “Best” is a ballad with a romantic story to tell. The music video for “Best” illustrates the lyrics, which talk about a mob boss and the end of a ...

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Deadmau5 Reveals New Album in String of Oddly Funny Tweets

Deadmau5 new album EDMInStereo.com

Ever the teaser, deadmau5 has a new album coming out soon, and he made the big reveal about the title and date through some low-key comments on Twitter. In fact, he was so casual about it that it seemed like he might be just making stuff up, but his later tweets continued with the info. First things first, it’s going ...

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New Release: The Chainsmokers ‘Setting Fires’ Could Be the New ‘Closer’

The Chainsmokers Setting Fires EDMInStereo.com

At this point it feels like the Chainsmokers have some item of massive news or another every single week. We’re not complaining, we’re just worried we’ll start getting used to it and then one week we won’t hear from them and won’t known how to cope! This week the Chainsmokers big news comes in the form of a brand spanking ...

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Borgeous Talks Inspiration for Multifaceted Debut Album ’13’

Borgeous EDMInStereo.com

One name that kept coming up on festival flyers this year was the pseudonym of John Borger, known as Borgeous. He wasn’t ever headlining, but he made the cut at some of the biggest festivals around like Ultra Music Festival. Now, the debut album he released at the end of August has the potential to push his career even higher. ...

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Marshmello Released a New Music Video, Deadmau5 is Pissed

Deadmau5 Marshmello EDMInStereo.com

In a battle of the most famed masked EDM producers, who would win? Deadmau5 or Marshmello? Things are heating up between the two of them, and it isn’t too pretty. There’s no need to explain that deadmau5 has a hot temper and a penchant for posting negative things online, but is Marshmello intentionally pushing his buttons? Marshmello just released a ...

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Listen: Tiesto Remixed Niall Horan’s ‘This Town’ & Made It Way Cooler

Tiesto Niall Horan EDMInStereo.com

It’s not every day that pop artists make a graceful crossover into EDM, but it’s becoming more and more common (Justin Bieber‘s numerous EDM hits, anyone?). It definitely helps if you’ve got an artist like Tiesto pulling the strings, though. Niall Horan of One Direction released his solo single debut “This Town,” and fans instantly fell head over heels in ...

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The Chainsmokers’ Biggest Show Ever Sets Up All of 2017

Chainsmokers EDMInStereo.com Convention Center

They “ain’t ever getting older,” but they are definitely getting more and more popular. The Chainsmokers just revealed their biggest show yet, and it’s going to be off the hook. Just in time to kick off New Years’ celebrations, the Chainsmokers will be taking over the Los Angeles Convention Center on December 30, 2016. Not only will this be the ...

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