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What’s Happening to Underground Electronic Music?

EDM Underground EDMInStereo.com

Is underground EDM a thing? Did EDM scare away the truly underground artists? It’s interesting to think of what “underground” really means in the electronic music context, but it’s turning into a convoluted world. An author named David Ireland just wrote a piece for Magnetic Magazine discussing the use of the word “underground” in the electronic music scene. According to ...

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Alesso Reworks ‘Years’ with K-Pop Star Chen – Listen HERE

Alesso Chen Years EDMInStereo.com

There are some really interesting collaborations going on all the time in music these days, but this one is really spiking our interest. Alesso has paired up with K-Pop star Chen to rework Alesso’s track “Years,” which originally featured Matthew Koma. The first version of “Years” came out in 2012 and helped set up Alesso’s style with melodic tracks. It was one ...

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Skrillex’s Gritty Beats Featured in Alexander Wang Ad (Just Ignore Kylie Jenner)

Skrillex Alexander Wang EDMInStereo.com

Just last week, Kylie Jenner posted a teaser video on Instagram for designer Alexander Wang‘s latest campaign. Thankfully for us, she’s not the only star appearing in it. In fact, Skrillex, RL Grime and Metro Boomin also make an appearance. Personally, we think Skrillex is the real star of the show because not only does he have a cameo, he ...

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Daft Punk Website Leaves Cryptic Clues About New 2017 Tour

Daft Punk Tour 2017 EDMInStereo.com

You know what, Daft Punk? It’s just not fair that we have to endure excruciating 10-year intervals between your tours. Sure, it builds anticipation, but it’s kind of making us crazy with anticipation. Especially now that the 10-year mark is coming up. Daft Punk’s last tour was in 2007, aptly titled Alive 2007. Before that, they had Alive 1997, which–you guessed it–took ...

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Skrillex Calls Deadmau5 a Bully: ‘He’s Probably Ashamed of It’

Skrillex Deadmau5 Marshmello EDMInStereo.com

We know deadmau5 has the habit of shooting his mouth off so that needs no introduction. The part of this story that does need some fleshing out is Skrillex‘s side of the argument against deadmau5. In an interview with Complex, Skrillex finally cracked on what deadmau5 did to manage to get him angry. It all started with a bunch of ...

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Steve Aoki Now Owns Video Game Team Rogue – Look Out, Overwatch Foes!

Steve Aoki Rogue Overwatch EDMInStereo.com TwitchCon

Not gonna lie, when Steve Aoki revealed that he had invested in Rogue, an Overwatch and Counter-Strike team, we had no idea what he was talking about. Once we sorted through the details, the situation actually makes a whole lot of sense. So here’s the scoop for the non-gamers out there. Overwatch and Counter-Strike are both multiplayer first-person shooter video ...

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Insomniac’s New Festival Location REVEALED!

Middlelands Insomniac EDMInStereo.com

Imagine if the Renaissance Festival got a major EDM makeover. That might be what we’re dealing with for Insomniac‘s newest festival, Middlelands! After teasing a new festival location for 2017, Insomniac has unveiled that Middlelands will take place in Todd Mission, Texas. There aren’t specific dates yet, but the artwork looks a lot like a medieval castle with a knight ...

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