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New Release: The Chainsmokers & Halsey’s ‘Closer’ is an Instant Millennial Hit

Chainsmokers Halsey Closer EDMInStereo.com

The Chainsmokers have released a new single, and it’s bound to be a big hit with millennials, anyone who jammed out obsessively to Blink-182 and, well, pretty much everybody. The song features Halsey on vocals and tells the story of a couple that reunites after four years apart. Though they’ve done some not so nice things, like stealing a roommate’s ...

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Steve Aoki’s Stormy Documentary Coming to Netflix

Steve Aoki Documentary EDMInStereo.com

UPDATE: Anyone who missed out on attending the Tribeca Film Festival and therefore missed Steve Aoki‘s documentary I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead will be thrilled to know that the film will be hitting Netflix. I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead originally premiered back in April to solid praise, and it will now be available on Netflix beginning August 19, 2016. In addition to ...

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Family Sues After Daughter Katie Dix Dies of Overdose at Hard Summer Music Festival

Katie Dix Hard Summer Music Festival Hardfest EDMInStereo.com

The dark side of EDM has reared it’s ugly head, and though it’s a tiny part of the culture we know and love, it’s a scary and dangerous part. 19-year-old Katie Dix was killed at Hard Summer Music Festival at the Los Angeles County fairgrounds last year, and now her parents are suing. Dix had been attending Hard Fest on August ...

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8 Best Tomorrowland Photos: We’re SO Jealous of the Bud Light Ticket Winners

Tomorrowland Bud Light EDMInStereo.com

One of the biggest EDM festivals in the game, Tomorrowland never fails to amaze. When Bud Light Canada gave out tickets to the event, we were insanely jealous of the winners (but realistically, their dance moves were pretty killer–they earned it!). SFX’s bankruptcy earlier this year made people question the fate of the festival, but thankfully the $300 million debt of ...

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Playlist: The Best of Electro-House Includes Ingrosso, Dada Life & More

Electro House Playlist EDMInStereo.com

Ever get torn between two genres of music and can’t decide what to listen to? Do I want electronic music? Do I want house? The pressure can be too much to handle. Oh, wait–there’s this nifty little thing DJs do where they mix genres. Shocking, we know. But let’s face it, sometimes we’re just really grateful that things like electro-house ...

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Smash Mouth Releases EDM Single in Attempt to Be Relevant Again

Smash Mouth EDMInStereo.com

First there was Shaq, now Smash Mouth is joining this week’s roster of unlikely EDM superstars. Okay, so Smash Mouth isn’t at all close to nearing superstar status with their new track, but they’ve got to start somewhere, right? The band best known for their 1990s hit “All Star” has just released their first ever EDM single “Love is a ...

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Shaquille O’Neal Performed at Tomorrowland as DJ Diesel–And He’s Surprisingly Not Horrible

Shaquille O'Neal DJ Diesel EDMInStereo.com

We knew he had some mediocre acting chops (anyone remember Kazaam?), but who knew Shaquille O’Neal also is a DJ? Not only that, but he DJ’ed at one of the biggest EDM festivals around, Tomorrowland. Under the pseudonym DJ Diesel, Shaq hopped onstage to the delight of the audience, which seemed thrilled to see the 7-foot-one former NBA star. The basketball ...

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The Chainsmokers are the Mid-Year Kings of EDM: The Amount of Albums Sold is INSANE

Chainsmokers EDMInStereo.com

The mid-year results are in, and according to Neilsen, the Chainsmokers are the highest-selling EDM group around. Neilsen’s 2016 Mid-Year charts show that the Chainsmokers are not only top on album sales so far this year with Bouquet selling over 228,000 units, two of their songs are holding the number one and two spots on top-selling singles. “Don’t Let Me ...

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New Release: Skrillex & Rick Ross Join ‘Suicide Squad’ with ‘Purple Lamborghini’

Skrillex Rick Ross Purple Lamborghini

Though Skrillex‘s personal style may be questionable at times, we wouldn’t think to put him on par with the Joker ordinarily. This song proves that they may actually be a dream team. It’s looking like the “purple Lamborghini” this song speaks of is actually the Joker’s (played by Jared Leto), as seen in the upcoming movie Suicide Squad. There’s also ...

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Best Tomorrowland Photos from Artists & Fans: Tiesto, Martin Garrix & More!

Tomorrowland EDMInStereo.com

One of the biggest EDM festivals in the game, Tomorrowland never fails to amaze. The festival has been taking place in Belgium since its launch in 2005, and each year it gets better and better. SFX’s bankruptcy earlier this year made people question the fate of the festival, but thankfully the $300 million debt of the promotional company didn’t impact ...

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