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Is That Taylor Swift on Calvin Harris’ Newest Track?

Taylor Swift Calvin Harris Rihanna EDMInStereo.com

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris may have split, but remnants of their relationship still linger. Harris just released a new collaboration with Rihanna called “This Is What You Came For,” but fans are convinced that it isn’t just Rihanna we’re hearing in the chorus. Theories are going around that it’s actually Harris’ ex-girlfriend we’re hearing in the chorus, and that ...

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EDM Comedy ‘XOXO’ Hits Netflix This Summer, Sarah Hyland To Star

Netflix XOXO EDMInStereo.com

First Verizon decided to launch an EDM comedy series on their mobile platform, and now Netflix has also jumped on the music bandwagon. The streaming service will be producing an EDM ensemble comedy titled XOXO, which will be available for viewers later this summer. The plot will follow an up-and-coming DJ who gets the chance of a lifetime to play at ...

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Thrival Music Festival Announced Their Lineup in the Most Mouthwatering Way

Thrival Music Festival CHVRCHES EDMInStereo.com

We have an extreme case of effective marketing going on. Thanks to Thrival Music Festival’s lineup announcement via pancake art, we have never wanted to go to a festival so badly. Is it even fair to use pancakes to advertise something? Everyone loves pancakes. Pancakes plus EDM are a combination that no one can refuse. Top that off with killer ...

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Marshmello & Martin Garrix Have Something Up Their Sleeves–A New Collab!

Marshmello Martin Garrix EDMInStereo.com

With a mysterious bucket on his head, Marshmello‘s identity has been a masked secret ever since he first emerged in 2015. Rumors have flown as people have tried to determine who is under the marshmallow, especially since Marshmello is widely believed to be the alias of an already well-known producer. The rapid success he’s had and interaction with other EDM ...

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Dillon Francis Schools Real-Life Hater Danny Dawson In Facebook Beatdown

Dillon Francis Danny Dawson EDMInStereo.com

If there’s one thing EDM pros like Dillon Francis know how to do (besides making music, of course), it’s how to take down their haters on social media. Francis shared a photo of himself with the hosts of the reality show Ridiculousness, which he is scheduled to appear on in the next season, on Facebook: A “fan” named Danny Dawson left ...

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UPDATE: Hippie Sabotage’s Dumb Security Brawl Is Having Its Repercussions

Hippie Sabotage EDMInStereo.com

UPDATE: Hippie Sabotage‘s actions at What The Festival in Oregon are earning them a nasty reputation. Thanks to their unnecessary brawl with a security guard, a petition has been created to ban the duo from playing at any upcoming festivals. A group called P.A.W.D. (People Against Wack DJs) started the petition, and at the time of writing they’ve earned 723 supporters ...

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Watch: Man Takes Naked Dive Off Electric Daisy Carnival Stage

Electric Daisy Carnival EDMInStereo.com

The naked festival-goer strikes again. Yes, apparently this is a thing that has been happening. The nude vigilante’s latest conquest was Electric Daisy Carnival, where he leaped off a stage fully buck naked. He was spotted at neonGARDEN, where another EDC attendee caught him on video performing what looks like a head-first dive off the stage. Unfortunately, catching a nude ...

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Would YOU Turn Up the Volume for Tomorrowland? Bud Light Experiments Favor Rulebreaking EDM Fans

Tomorrowland EDMInStereo.com

Tomorrowland is creeping up soon, and to help some fans win tickets to the highly sought after event, Bud Light Canada put ravers to the test. Posters calling for test subjects were put up around Toronto asking for EDM fans and telling them they’d get paid for participating in the research. Respondents showed up to a facility, where the either ...

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Diplo’s $2.4M New Pad is INSANE–See the Photos Here

Diplo BandRumors.com

Clearly being named Dance Artist of the Year on Billboard’s Power List of DJs isn’t the only marker of Diplo‘s success. He’s obviously racking in the dough as well. The producer just purchased a new $2.4 million dollar pad in Hollywood Hills, and it seems like a fitting place for someone who needs to get away from it all while ...

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Hippie Sabotage Gets In a Stupid Security Brawl & No One Wants To Work With Them Again

Hippie Sabotage EDMInStereo.com

So much for PLUR. Hippie Sabotage‘s latest stunt just threw everything positive about the EDM culture out the window. The group, which is made up of brothers Kevin and Jeff Saurer, was playing at What The Festival in Oregon when they got way more rowdy than necessary. One of the brothers was messing around with their sound system, and when ...

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