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2 Dead, 57 Hospitalized From Unknown Drug After Sunset Music Festival

An EDM festival in Tampa, Florida, over Memorial Day weekend highlighted the dangers associated with the drug culture  that goes hand-in-hand with the music scene.

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Sunset Music Festival quickly turned dangerous from an unknown drug.

Two people died after attending Sunset Music Festival over the weekend, and though the cause of death is still being investigated, police have confirmed that the tragedies are associated with the festival.

The two people included a 22-year-old man Alex Haynes, who was visiting from Melbourne. He was hospitalized Saturday and passed away Sunday. The other was a 21-year-old woman named Katie Bermudez, who was hospitalized Sunday and pronounced dead on Monday.

Bermudez’s mother said the hospital had no idea how to treat her daughter’s symptoms, which included brain swelling and a high fever.

In addition to the two deaths, over 57 people were hospitalized in relation to their attendance at the festival.

Some reports are saying an unknown drug was being passed around at Sunset Music Festival, which is suspected of causing the illnesses.

Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn commented on the catastrophe. “Obviously, that type of music tends to attract a certain type of fan that engages in certain types of drugs.”

Buckhorn expressed a desire for concert-goers to make better choices since the festival workers are not able to control their decisions. “It worries me any time we have a loss of life here, particularly when it could have been prevented by better decision-making,” he said.

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